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Math for Knitters

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If you’ve been knitting for a while, you know how much math there is in knitting (or at least can be if you don’t plan on frogging and reknitting an almost finished sweater)! We’ve developed a class over two nights to help you do all the mathy things with confidence. Our first night will cover the bane of a knitter’s existence: gauge and yarn substitutions (you’ll walk away able to adapt any pattern for any yarn!). The second meeting we’ll talk more about how much yarn you are using for projects, how many stitches to cast on to achieve a certain size, and spreading out increases, decreases, and buttonholes evenly. We’ll also discuss how crochet changed the game for mathematicians when it comes to visualizing certain spaces. Because fiber arts are just that powerful!

Come join us and heal those math wounds in a safe and creative environment!

What you will learn: equal ratios, gauge, substituting yarns, calculating how much yarn you will need and will be left over, adapting patterns for the size you want (how many to cast on, where to put increases, decreases, and buttonholes).

Skills Required: basic knitting background will be helpful. The class will mainly be in the context of knitting, but we will also discuss specifics for crochet.

Level: Anyone who wants to understand how math can be used to up your fiber game!

Materials needed: Because this class is not a traditional knitting skills class you don’t need to bring your knitting at all, though if you’ve got math problems you’ve encountered during your knitting process we’d love to talk through them if we have time!
Do bring a notebook and pen (or pencil if you are like me and can’t do math in pen;))

Taught by: Christy Taylor aka @knittymathematician

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