Beginning Brioche | Fixing Brioche Mistakes

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Beginning Brioche | Fixing Brioche Mistakes

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Have you started with Brioche but you're not quite sure how to fix those mistakes?  

What You Will Learn: How to: pick up a dropped stitch, pick up a forgotten brioche yarn over, and read brioche stitches more easily by studying the anatomy of the brioche stitch.

Skills Required: Basic understanding of brioche, how to BRK and BRP.

Homework: Using two high contrast yarns, knit swatches of brioche worked flat (4" x 4" approximate size). Knit a minimum of 3 swatches, do not bind off - put them on scrap yarn or leave on needles.  It is recommended that you use DK weight yarn or larger for the swatches.

Teacher: Gayle

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